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Link and Stay
Link and Stay is a component of WellFlorida’s High Impact Prevention project. The program provides adherence counseling for HIV-positive individuals, and links them to resources that help mitigate barriers to care. Common issues that are addressed include: difficulty remembering to self-administer pills and keep appointments, myths and misinformation about antiretroviral therapy (ART), as well as concerns about stigma.

Are you HIV-positive and need help with:

  • Remembering when to take your medications?
  • Understanding how to take your meds and what they do?
  • Scheduling your medical appointments?
  • Getting enough to eat? Taking your meds on a full stomach at regular times helps the medicine work!
  • Connecting to other resources, like housing, food stamps, transportation, job listings, day care and more?

If you answered “yes” to any of these questions then get with the program! Call 352-415-0459 ext. 8043 or email You can also fill out the Contact Us form.

A Link to Care and Stay on Treatment Coordinator will meet with you one-on-one, and call with regular reminders to take your meds and go to appointments. They will help you get the resources you need so you can focus on staying healthy. Also, you will receive special items, such as water bottles, reusable bags, grocery cards and more just for being in the program.

HIV Care Programs
HIV CARE Programs are a partnership among WellFlorida Council, Ryan White HIV patient care providers in Area 3/13 and the North Central Florida CARE Consortium to provide primary healthcare and support services to low-income persons living with HIV. Programs include:

  • Ryan White, a federally funded program, offers HIV-positive persons assistance with services not covered under other programs.
  • The Housing Opportunities Program, also known as HOP, assists HIV-positive persons with temporary assistance for their housing needs and to prevent homelessness.
  • The AIDS Drug Assistance Program (ADAP) helps HIV-positive persons stay healthy by assisting with the purchase of HIV prescription medications. 

The first step to participating in these programs is to call 1-866-901-9646. Visit for more information.

Stories of Hope
Watch these HIP videos for inspiration!

Motivation for Care

Reducing Stigma